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Groceries Out of Control

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

Our grocery expenses are out of control!! I just added it up and last month we spent nearly 1000 dollars on groceries so I really need to scale it down. We are budg...


Holidays Approaching--how to Pay for Them?

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

We cut out credit card use back in March, and have been chipping away at credit card debt since then. We have two small kids who are already talking about Christmas (...


A Comment/question About Teachers Gifts

L.M. asks from New York

So I am being asked for $ for teachers gifts for 2 teachers for each child, $10 each teacher, and teachers aide. This comes to $40. Plus we have 5 birthday parties in...


Budget Help!

K.H. asks from Wichita Falls

Mu husband and are first time homebuyers, newly married, and new parents. We have no credit cards and only one car payment. However, we can't manage to stay ahead, ei...


Health Insurance

S.E. asks from Dallas

Hi moms. I'm seeking health insurance for my family. My company just closed down and Cobra payments is just not an option for us. Has anyone had any luck in findin...


Live with In-laws Can't Have Friends Over

L.C. asks from Portland

I think I need to clarify this one for you all a little bit. We pay rent, we help out around the house (clean do dishes and their laundry), buy food, watch their d...


How Would You Feel About This Gift?

B.S. asks from Lansing

Just curious how you would feel about this gift. A gift card towards a mini vacation that will cost you at least an additional 195.00 just to stay there, then addi...


Daycare "Extras"

C.W. asks from Redding

I have a little one in daycare and am wondering what other parents out there are used to paying daycare. Not wages, but the extra stuff. We are in a small family dayc...


5 Year Old Needs Glasses!

S.S. asks from Houston

Hi - Ok - our 5 year old (in Pre K)- told us at Monster Jam "he needed glasses but did not want them- they are ugly"- he had some trouble coloring in lines etc.- so...