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Enfamil Coupons

A.L. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know how and where i can get Enfamil coupons? I had to switch to the Enfamil ProSobee Soy Formula due to the recall and since it is more expensive I real...


Skim Milk / Whole Milk

A.I. asks from Topeka

what age is it good to start giving my 8month regular milk. and is it better to give skim or whole? i already am giving her two meals of pureed fruits and veggies t...


To Much Solids?

T.P. asks from Lancaster

My 5 month eats 8 oz of babyfood (fruits and veggies) and 35 oz of formula. Is this normal? She weighs 15 lbs. And absolutely enjoys eating solids.


Weaning My One Year Old of Foemula onto Milk

C.S. asks from Cleveland

my little one will be one next month and im trying to wean her off formula onto far i give her milk twice a day in her sippy cup but she still drinks alot of ...


Bottle Feeding for a One Year Old

K.M. asks from Asheville

Hi, I have a son who will be 1yr in 3 weeks. I've been told they do not need formula past one year, so my question is do I just replace the bottles of formula with mi...


Can I Ask an Honest Question?

S.!. asks from Columbus

I got a flower today about the Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding question from yesterday and I started to read some of the other responses about "breastmilk is never recal...


Weaning Question

R.C. asks from Raleigh

Hello- quick weaning question for you Mamas. As my supply has seriously dropped since I am pregnant I started to supplement my 11 month old son with formula. Now that...


7 Week Old Constipated Boy

M.F. asks from Denver

How do I help him. He's poopin a large size pebble. Give water, if so how, before feeding. Change formula(breastmilk never came in)? Any advice out there. PS He ...


Difference in Two Specific Formulas for Newborn with Allergy

T.B. asks from Miami

My newborn has a cows milk/milk protien allergy and must feed her either Elecare formula or Neocate. Has anyone used either one? Is one better than the other?


Bottles and Sippy Cups

A.W. asks from Dallas

I have a 7 1/2 months old child and was wondering when I should give up the bottles and start using sippy cups? She drinks water out of the sippy cup now but when sho...