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Baby Sleeping Through the Night

M.T. asks from Springfield

Hi Everyone! I have an 8 week old son. My husband and I give him a bottle of formula around 9:30 p.m. each night. I am still breastfeeding my son except the one bo...


Help!!! My 11 Week Old Has Really Bad Cramps and Gas Pains Since Birth!

A.M. asks from Fresno

My 11 week old baby has been having really bad cramps and gas pain, I have tried everything changing he's formula to gentalease using mylicon drops and even chamomile...


Chest, Gas and Spit-up

Y.G. asks from Philadelphia

My son is 2weeks old and keep vomiting and has a lot of gas. He was first on good start then i switch to similac advance now im using similac soy formula (isomil). H...


Thanks for All Your Advice!!!

M.M. asks from Dallas

My 5.5 month old daughter has her first sickness--diarrhea since Friday. We took her to urgent care and they said it is probably rotavirus. I just wanted to know if...


Not Eating

A.M. asks from Charleston

Hi, my nearly 6month old son was drinking abt 11-12 ounces of formula and was also doing well with Stage 1 foods. Now for the past 4-5 days he is drinking only 4-5 ou...


Son Throws up Everytime He Eats

K.O. asks from Denver

My son is almost 4 months old and everytime he eats he throws up his food. I have tried breastmilk and formula. My Pediatrician has also recommened me to try Pedily...


Gassy Twins

S.R. asks from Washington DC

My boys were 5 weeks early & were on similac neosure [higher calorie formula] but due to gas i changed them to enfamil gentlease thinking it would help their


Newborn Gas

D.R. asks from Denver

My newborn son who is now 6 weeks old gets bad gas around 4-6 am every morning and is obviously uncomfortable and does not sleep well during these hours. He gets a fu...


Eventually Learn to Wean???

T.M. asks from Norfolk

Okay now I have a few questions? First of all I am trying to make it to the one year mark until I stop breastfeeding though it has been difficult and can't belive I ...


Breastfeeding a Gassy Baby

D.N. asks from New York

I am breastfeeding and finding that my baby is fussy after most feedings. He spits up and always seems to be uncomfortable. He only finds comfort in me rocking him an...