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Looking for More Info on the DPA Baby Bottle Recall

B.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone heard about the baby bottle recall? My father called and said that he had just seen the end of a segment on the news about baby bottles being recalled bec...


Medela Pump in Style Doesn't Seem to Work! HELP, Losing My Milk Supply!

M.M. asks from Chicago

When I first started pumping, I used a hospital grade pump that I rented from a place near Prentice. Then I went on a trip to visit family and asked them to pick me u...


Breastfeeeding and Formula

J.O. asks from New London

Hello There! I have been exclusively nursing my daughter and during the evening my husband will give one bottle of expressed milk. Seeing that she is getting bigg...


Formula Feeding and Nutrition

E.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I recently stopped breastfeeding my almost 3 week old baby this past Saturday and have been powder formula feeding since then, she is consuming 4 o...


Breastfeeding vs Formula

K.C. asks from Pittsburgh

I am having trouble with breastfeeding and could use some support. I had trouble in the beginning, but finally found a nipple shield and my baby boy breastfed like a ...


9-Month Old Refusing to Drink Formula

C.B. asks from Dallas

This is my biggest frustration and worry right now. Around 6 months, after breastfeeding exclusively I started him on solids. I have always had trouble pumping enou...


A Few Breastfeeding Questions

A.S. asks from Montgomery

Hi Mommies, I am expecting my first baby in June and I plan on breastfeeding, but had a couple of questions first. I come from a family of formula feeders and so ...


BF Is Turning Out to Be a Complete Failure! Sad, Need Advise and Help

C.H. asks from Visalia

My daughter is 10 days old and I have been wanting to bf soo bad. (I tried with my son 5 years ago and I was never able to provide enough milk) I had a c/s and it to...


Returning to Work and Pumping

K.H. asks from New York

Hi everyone - I am returning to work in May and my son will be going to day care. I have a Medela Pump in Style and plan to pump at work but was wondering if those ...


Breast and bottle...what to Do...

C.M. asks from Charleston

i was breast feeding my daughter for the first week, but stopped. The pain was nothing like I remembered. With my son there was actually no pain that I can recall. So...