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His Diaper Rash Is Finally Gone!!!!!

A.S. asks from San Diego

Hi guys does anyone have any recommendations for me? My son just turned one and we are still giving him formula with some cows milk in it. We started with whole milk ...


Almost 6 Month Old Not Digesting Solids, Help.

T.K. asks from Boston

My baby girl will be 6 months this week and is having the hardest time digesting solid food. She has shown allergies to rice and oatmeal cereal, rash on her cheeks, ...


Persistent Diaper Blowouts

X.O. asks from Chicago

My 8 month old has ALWAYS been an epic pooper. At least once a day he has a diaper blow-out. I thought that once he started solids his poo's consistency would firm ...


Leaky Diapers...

A.M. asks from El Paso

Hi Girls! Help! My 3 1/2 month old, exclusively breastfed son has very runny bowel movements. I've been told be several doctors this is normal for breastfed babies...


More Affection

M.H. asks from Chicago

Hi ladies - I am writing out of desparation. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and I thought things were going pretty good. However, my husband has tol...


Need a Good Nighttime Diaper

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

My 7 month old son has been waking in the morning all wet above his diaper. This has been happening on and off since he was born but the past week and a half it has b...


Diaper Rash

E.B. asks from Dallas

HELP!!! My 7 month old girl has KILLER diaper rash. She is super red (almost purple) and blistery. We have tried powder, butt paste and lotramin. Nothing is helping a...