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Rear-facing Carseat (Convertible?) for 8 Month Old - Recommendations

J.C. asks from Denver

My 17 pound 8 month old is not heavy enough for the graco nautilus that many moms have recommended on this site, but is too long for his current infant carseat. I've ...


Best Convertible Car Seat and How Long to Keep Baby Rear Facing...

J.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 7 1/2 months old and already too big for her rear-facing infant car seat which goes up to only 22 pounds. Since she's not one yet, I really don't want ...


Rear Facing Car Seats - How Long Do You Plan on Keeping Your Child This Way?

✩.!. asks from Los Angeles

I apologize that I am asking, b/c I have seen in the past that it has been asked.. I was searching for a car seat this weekend for my peanut and was reading the co...


1 Year Old Car Seat Safety Dilemma - Forward Middle or Rear Facing Side?

K.M. asks from Redding

My daughter is about to turn 1 year and is 22 lbs. I would like to keep her rear-facing as long as possible, but she has almost outgrown the height of her infant car...


Rear Facing Carseat and Sun

S.P. asks from New York

I have a 2.9 year old daughter who is very small. I kept her rear facing until she was close to or over 2 because she was small. I turned her around for two reason...


Rear Facing Car Seat Confusion

L.S. asks from Philadelphia

I am trying to move my 18 month old ds#2 to a convertible car seat. He is already 33 inches tall and all the car seats I find govup to 40 inches for rear facing. I kn...


HELP -- Installing Rear Facing Convertible Seat, 2Nd Row, 2013 Sienna

D.P. asks from Washington DC

I have a dilemma. Has anyone installed a rear facing convertible car seat in the second row of a 2013 Toyota Sienna? I am trying to figure out how to install a Brit...


Rear-facing Until 2?

K.R. asks from Denver

My little guy is almost 1, and I was looking forward to turning his car seat to face the front. Just easier in my opinion to pass back a sippy, keep an eye on him et...


Rear Facing Vs. Forward Facing???

M.F. asks from Seattle

I am trying to figure out what is best for my daughter. She will be 1 on the 27th of november and I was planning on putting her in a forward facing carseat that is...


Rear Facing Seat Turning Forward

A.D. asks from Atlanta

I have a 10 month tiny baby girl only 15 pounds and an SUV. My car does not have any vents in the back seat so my daughter gets so hot with no air flow. We direct the...