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Seeking Recommendations for All-natural, Organic Baby Products

G.S. asks from San Francisco

I have just begun reading Gorgeously Green and was APPALLED over the label-reading I have done on the baby products in my home. I can't believe my beloved Cetaphil c...


Eyecream/moisturizer Recommendations?

J.D. asks from Chicago

As a mom of two busy girls 1.5 & 3, it's now starting to take a toll on my skin. I've been using eye products here & there, but never really stuck w/ one. Can you rec...


Soap/Shampoo Recommendations for Infant W/ Eczema

K.H. asks from Washington DC

My 4 month old daughter is dealing with eczema. It seems to be brought on by the colder weather and changes in humidity. (We've been using a humidifier in her room t...


Sunscreen Recommendations for Children

T.D. asks from New Orleans

I'm looking for sunscreen recommendations for kids please. What I have been using doesn't seem to cut it and my fair-skinned children are coming in with pink faces at...


Recommendations on Green/Natural Products For

R.J. asks from St. Louis

Hello ladies, I've seen some recommendations in past requests, but I'm looking to buy natural/safer cleaning supplies and personal products such as baby wash, sunscr...


Pool Water and Eczema/product Recommendations

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 year old daughter has always had mild eczema on her legs -- just a few dry pink patches that were not itchy. Usually worse in the winter. She had over ten patc...


Desitin Diaper Cream

A.R. asks from Macon

I have used Aveeno diaper cream on my daughter since birth with no problems. But when she got a rash it didnt seem to do much to heal so on rashes I used Destin. Well...


Good Diaper Rash Ointment--recommendations??

J.S. asks from St. Louis

Hi mamas! My poor baby boy has a TERRIBLE little diaper rash (teething/diarrhea). We keep putting Anti Monkey Butt ointment and Dr. Boudreaux's Butt Paste and niethe...


Sunscreen That Won't Burn My Daughter's Eyes

K.A. asks from New York

Can anyone recommend a sunscreen that won't burn my daughter's eyes? We've tried Water babies (the worst!), Baby Blanket and Aveeno. I also try to use a sunscreen s...


Need Moisturizure & Daily Face Wash Recommendations That Are Safe While Prego

D.S. asks from Cleveland

Hi Mommies, I just found out that I am prego and am thinking about some of the products I use on my face. I have read that Salicylic Acid isn't necessarily a good ...