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Possibly Reading My Blog Posts???

J.C. asks from Sacramento

Just wondering if any of you have had a spouse or significant other checking out your blog postis without mentioning it to you? I have a FB acct that he is aware of a...


Pregnancy/baby Reading Material

L.P. asks from Dallas

My best girlfriend is about 2 months along and I was hoping to get some suggestions on the books you ladies found most helpful and informative during pregnancy and th...


Meeeeee Time

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Finally I get some me time. I don't think I have been home alone since June. I am over whelmed with things I want to do, but I know I don't have enough time to do t...


Book Suggestions

S.R. asks from Sacramento

My book club is looking for a funny book to read next month. The last two books we've read have been pretty depressing so we need something humerous and light! Any ...


Vacation down Time

T.C. asks from South Bend

Hi Mommas I am taking two of my married daughters on a vacation. We are planning to spend some serious outdoor time in the sun (c: Do you have any suggestions on h...


Most Insightful Mom Quote You Read on Mamapedia? the Lightbulb Came on When....

K.B. asks from Tulsa

"considering how often rudeness is treated like some sort of a virtue here, i think you are an exemplary mom handling a difficult situation with admirable grace. " by...


Jff... Girl Talk (Guys, I Am Pretty Sure You Don't Want to Read This)

L.M. asks from Kansas City

(Yeah, its like telling a child NOT to do something. :P ) ...Anyway, this is a question about "The Keeper" (innovative feminine hygiene products that are worn inte...


Looking for a Good Book to Read That Helps with Understanding a Handicap Person

L.F. asks from Charlotte

My cousin's wife, also my good friend, was in a really bad car accident a couple months ago. She is now finally out of rehab and back home. She is mostly paralyzed ...


Attention: Book Worms!

A.M. asks from Dallas

Is anyone interested in starting a Book Club for just us moms!?!? I love reading and would love to discuss some cool book-club-friendly selections. I was thinking...


Is It Worth Reading Book 2+3 of Fifty Shades?

B.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas/Dads I just finished fifty shades of grey. I usually don't read much fiction. A co-worker lent me the book and I read it to see what the hype was all abo...