Readiness to Start: The First Years

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Ready for Kindergarten

N.S. asks from Greensboro

My daughter is 4 years old and has a September birthday. She has been going to a preschool for two years now and is in the fours class. I recently had a review with h...


Kindergarten in the Fall or Wait

S. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying to determine whether or not to send our son to kindergarten in the fall or not. He has a summer birthday, so we can really go either way (He'll be 5 t...


Should I Hold Back on Kindergarten a Year or Not?

P.L. asks from San Diego

My son will be 5 this week and have him set up to start kindergarten in August. I just have been having this nagging feeling like I should not start him this year. Le...


Kindergarten Blues

M.H. asks from Kansas City

My little girl just started Kindergarten and is having a really hard time adjusting. Her first week of school was great. She was excited to go, no problems


Homework in Kindergarten

C.B. asks from Raleigh

i have a 6 year old in kindergarten (her birthday is in november) i have been apalled at the amount of homework expected from these children. i don't really believe i...


Advice for Sending a Late Birthdate to Kindergarten or Not

A. asks from Columbus

I have a 4 year old, whose birthday is just a few days before the cut off date of being able to attend kindergarten this year. Well my concerns aren't with her abili...


Overly Emotional About Starting Kindergarten?

L.S. asks from Omaha

Hi Moms. Any advice or reassurance for moms who've had children start kindergarten? I'm not nervous about her abilities or leaving her at school or anything, But desp...


Early Enrollment for Kindergarten

M.P. asks from Spartanburg

My daughter just turned 4 in December, so she will be starting kindergarten in August of 2008. I recently read an article (and heard a speaker) about identifying whe...


Kindergarten Homework - What Is the Value?

T.T. asks from San Diego

I'd love to hear different opinions on this. My son is in kindergarten. He gets two packets of homework every Monday - one for math and one for reading. He is supp...


First Day of School Is Approaching - KINDERGARTEN

L.B. asks from Lima

Hi Moms! My firstborn is ready to start kindergarten in less than a month - and I'm already FREAKING out and overwhelmed with anxiety! How in the world do moms do t...