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Very EARLY Signs of Teething?

J.R. asks from Chicago

What are some pre-teething signs? Better yet, how early is too early for teething? I do not think that my baby is a super developer or anything (11, turning 12 week...


Seeking Tips for My "Teething" 4Mo. Old Baby! Thank You!

K.H. asks from St. Louis

This site was so helpful that I decided to seek advice once again however this time it is regarding my sons "teething". Just seeking some tips for teething. So far I ...


One Year Old Is Toothless!

R.E. asks from Dover

My one year old still hasn't cut any teeth! I was a late teether so I'm not too worried but I'd like to know at what age does this become a concern? Thanks!



K.C. asks from Florence

My 5 month old has some signs of teething except he sleeps through the night and his gums don't appear to be swollen. His gums are white and he will chew on anything ...



R.. asks from Austin

My DD is working on those first teeth... she was really fussy for a while, but now she is REALLY hurting. :'( I have been giving her teething tablets, but I don't thi...


Infant Not Sleeping Through the Night Anymore. Advice Needed.

N.S. asks from Dallas

I have a beautiful almost 15-month old daughter, who prior to the past 2 weeks, was sleeping through the night for about 12 hours since she was 3 months old. Suddenl...


Teething/Chew Toys

A.K. asks from Chicago

The bag of rattles and other baby toys from my #1 has disappeared. So I want to purchase a few good toys for my daughter (3.5 months) now that she's starting to grab...


How to Ease Teething Pain????

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 13 month old is getting is first 3 teeth all at once :( I see the bottom two and upper right one almost there. What can do to help him with the pain? How often ca...


Teething? If So, What Can I Do to Help Him with the Discomfort?

K.L. asks from Washington DC

12 week old started drooling relentlessly, getting fussy for mouth pain, stopped sucking on pacifier...just wants to chew hard on things 24/7. I gave him a rattle to...