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Cleaning Teething Toys

B.S. asks from Shreveport

Does anyone know fast, safe ways to clean plush, cloth teething toys? My 5 month old needs something to chew on and has a couple of water teethers in the fridge; how...



M.D. asks from New York

Hello, My daughter is 4 mnths and 4 weeks old and she is teething! She doesn't like teethers, and I want to try to soothe her gums naturally , no medicines. She wa...


What Kind of Items Are Best for Teething Infants

T.M. asks from Medford

My 4-month old is starting the teething process. I am not sure what sort of teether items would help alleviate her discomfort. Any ideas? She seems to want to chew...


I Hope This Goes Here!

C.R. asks from Rochester

My son has been teething for quite some time. He has 2 teeth that showed up shortly after he turned 5 months and I didn't notice it before but he has been chewing on ...


Ibuprofen at Almost 6 Months for Teething?

A.S. asks from Sacramento

Hi all -- Our little guy is 6 months in two weeks and teething hard. He doesn't have an ear infection (had checked last month at appointment), but he's pulling on...


Good Teethers/teething Toys??

J.Y. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, my daughter is chewing everything she can get her little hands on (including her hands!) so I am wondering if any of you have recommendations for good teethe...


Humphreys Teething Tablets

K.S. asks from Dallas

Who has tried them and what do you think about em? My baby is almost 4 months and teething, I've tried teethers, frige ones and not cold ones, but she still isnt happ...


My Four Month Old Is Teething!

N.L. asks from Minneapolis

Any good advice? He crys incessantly about every other night from pain. I have tried frozen washcloths, Tylenol, vibrating chew toys and freezer teethers. I (perso...



S.W. asks from Philadelphia

My son is almost ten months old and has not one single tooth. I'm not too worried. did anyone else have a late "teether"? He eats everything in sight like he has a mo...


Teething 11 Week Old

L.H. asks from Los Angeles

My 11 week daughter started teething a couple of weeks ago. I've given her "Little Teethers" homeopathic tablets and my mom suggested Oragel, which I'm going to start...