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Hives with a Cold?

M.M. asks from Austin

My son had a cold with a mild fever the past 2 days, then today broke out into hives. I really don't think it is anything he ate. Has anyone else experienced hives ...


Bad Eczema

E.T. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 mos. old daughter has a really bad eczema. It's all started to show on her ears and cheeks last month. And, now I found these dry spots all over her thighs and b...


Eczema...or Is It?

C.M. asks from Dallas

For a while I have believed my son has had eczema and have treated it as such. I use free and clear detergent and frangrance free shampoo and sunscreen. When he bre...


Strep & Hives

T.C. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any experience w/ strep & hives they'd like to share? My 2 yr. old was just diagnosed w/ strep. He broke out in bad hives & I took him to the dr. ...


Eczema Breakouts

L.S. asks from Boston

My son is 9 months old and we are struggling with eczema breakouts on his head. I switched to all baby laundry soap and bounce dryer sheets which seemed to clear it ...


Eczema Advice

J.F. asks from Boston

My 9 month old has had eczema for several months. It is only on his cheeks, but sometimes looks like little white or blackheads. He is breastfed, so at his last doc a...


2 Year Old with Hives

M.T. asks from Dallas

Hello! Sunday morning my son was walking around the house in just his diaper, and I noticed red splotches on his legs and back. With closer inspection, I noticed the...


Baby Eczema

D.P. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for natural ways to treat my babies eczema...he has it on his face and behind knees. He gets frustrated and I can tell he is in pain. He tries to itch h...


Fever and Hives

K.L. asks from Sacramento

My 2.5 yr old son has had a 101-102 fever all day, and random splotches of hives. The hives come and go, on his chest and back, and now around his eyes. Tylenol a...



C.H. asks from Sumter

I'd like to know if there are any other moms out there that suffer from eczema, and if so what kind of soaps, lotions and moisturizers do you use that doesn't break y...