Rashes: Preschooler, Aveeno

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M.B. asks from St. Louis

My 3 year old has eczema and it is horrible. We are currently waiting to see our 3rd dermatologist. We have tried several different ointments that dont help, they u...



M. asks from Dallas

My baby has always had eczema, I have a steriod cream I use when she has really bad episodes and inbetween I slather her with aquaphor. Ever since she has been wearin...


6 Month Old Breaking Out in Hives

D.L. asks from Fort Collins

Recently, my son has been sick with the typical cold type virus going around. He also had an ear infection and went on amoxicillin. He did fine with it until about ...



C.C. asks from Los Angeles

My 10 month old daughter has eczema on the backof her legs. It has gotten bad inthe last few days, to where she will not sleep at night unless I am holding her. I h...



J.C. asks from Dallas

I have a 2yo who suffers from eczema. The Dr. has written many Rx that work for some time and then nothing else works. She scratches all the time. I try to keep her s...



S.S. asks from Chicago

My son, who is 4 years old, has eczema since he was a newborn. He scratches his body all the time, I cut his nails every 2 days, still I see bloody streaks on his sk...


Diaper Rash

M.G. asks from Dallas

Moms, do you have any secrets to relieving diaper rash?? My 9month has Rotavirus and has sever diaper rash. We have used Butt Paste and soaked her in Domeboro...any o...


Son W/ Eczema

F.G. asks from Salinas

Hey everyone. I have a 4 year old who has had eczema ever since he was a baby. It comes and goes. Usually really bad in the winter. Right now it is the worst it's...


Baby Has Dry Skin? Eczema?

R.H. asks from Spokane

I have a 5 1/2 month old son. About a week ago I noticed a small rash-like area on his tummy. Since then it has spread to his shoulders and back. It's patchy and r...


Infant Sunscreen and Eczema

T.C. asks from Dover

Do any of you moms have suggestions on good sunscreen for sensitive skin? My 9month old has eczema and many cremes and lotions cause breakouts. I use Cetaphil cleanse...