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E.B. asks from Chicago

I have had hives for the last month and am at my wits end for what to do next, any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is what I've done so far: 1) Went to Goo...


Trouble with Eczema

C.V. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi Moms, I was wondering what kind of lotion to use for my 3 year old with eczema? He was always had very mild eczema that I have had under control. I always put l...


How to soothe eczema on a 13 months old baby?

P.C. asks from Charlotte

My 13 month old daughter has eczema on the back of one knee and on the tops of both feet near her toes. She is allergic to lanolin so can't use Eucerin cream, etc. ...


4 y.o. With Bad Case of Eczema

K.W. asks from Muncie

My four year old daughter has had Eczema on and off since she was born. In the past I have taken her to the pediatrician and gotten a prescription for a skin cream. ...


Calling All Moms with Eczema Babies!

L.W. asks from Raleigh

I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my baby's doctor so I need any advice I can get. For those of you whom have had to deal with Eczema, how do you know what cau...


Dry Skin with Rash

A.W. asks from Chicago

My 3 month old son has a very mild case of cradle cap and a very bad case of a rash with dry skin all over his body. Neither seem to bother him at all. Our pediatri...


Diaper Rash Advice

C.M. asks from Chicago

My one year old son has had diaper rash for about two weeks and I can't get it to clear up(This is really the first time he has had diaper rash this bad). I usually u...


Severe Diaper Rash

A.C. asks from Detroit

My 8 month old daughter suffers from severe diaper rash sometimes and I'm looking for suggestions on how to help treat her. I try to change her ASAP, leaving my child...


Seeking Advice on Chronic Diaper Rash

A.Z. asks from Chicago

My son has been getting recurrent diaper rashes that are terrible! I have tried every diaper cream out there, Triple Paste, Desitin, A&D, Balmex, But Paste, Aveeno, C...


Looking for Help with Daughter's Eczema

K.S. asks from Detroit

My daughter has recently been diagnosised with eczema. The cream her pediatrician gave us initially helped some, but it hasn't completely gone away. I am looking fo...