Rashes: Infant, Lotrimin

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Eczema Diaper Rash? PLEASE HELP!!!

M.P. asks from Spartanburg

My 2 1/2 year old has a "diaper rash" that is not really a diaper rash. It is like severe acne, and it is only on the cheeks, not in the folds or anywhere else. She...


Rash, Rash, Rash!!!!!

K.R. asks from Los Angeles

Where do I begin? I took Bella into the pediatrician's office for what I thought was sever diaper rash. Her doctor sent me home with medication for a yeast infectio...



G.M. asks from Boston

Hi all. My 5 mos old DD has horrible eczema. We have tried Aquaphor, Cetaphil, Hydrolatum, Aveeno - nothing works. The ONLY thing that works is hydrocortisone cream, ...


Infant Rash on Scalp, Face and on the Tummy

J.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! my 2 1/2 month old son has been having some rash on his scalp, cheeks and on the tummy. when he was a month old, he had lot of rash on his cheeks, tummy and ba...


Baffled by So Called Eczema Rash !!!!!

T.C. asks from New York

Hi I have a 6mth old baby girl and over the past 3wks she has developed a rash on the top of her arm(elbow area). It started out looking like prickle heat and the...


Diaper Rash?

C.S. asks from Jacksonville

I'm just wondering about any other mom's with diaper rash experience. I'm not asking about what creams to use, etc., but in dealing with diapers. My 2yr old has dev...


Diaper Rash

M.G. asks from Dallas

Moms, do you have any secrets to relieving diaper rash?? My 9month has Rotavirus and has sever diaper rash. We have used Butt Paste and soaked her in Domeboro...any o...


How to handle diaper rashes on girl infant that come and go?

D.B. asks from Dallas

My 17 month old girl has some sort of a rash in her diaper area. It goes all the way from the front all the way up to the top of her crack in the back. I've been putt...



A.M. asks from Peoria

Moms, has anyone had a baby with a rash that just would not go away? My son has been battling a rash since Feb. and the doctors cant seem to figure out what is going...



S.F. asks from Los Angeles

My sister's daughter often gets a blistery rash in her private area. She is in pre-school . Does anyone have any suggestions . Sit baths have been tried but there h...