Rashes: Infant, A&D

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C.W. asks from Austin

I'm not sure if my 4 month DD has eczema or not... during the last couple days she has a very light rash that comes and goes on her face and ear...but only on the one...



Z.L. asks from Denver

Hello! Our 13 month old daughter seems to have eczema. It's on the back of her neck, hands and behind one of her knees. I have been putting vaseline and burt's bee...



H.G. asks from New York

My son is almost 9 months old, and appears to have eczema on one small patch on his bottom. He's had it for the past 6 months, but it didn't bother him and the docto...


Infant Eczema

J.J. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi Everyone! I have a 4 month old who was previously thought to have cradle cap. My pediatrician now says its eczema and says we should put a mild steroid cream on hi...


Diaper Rash

M.G. asks from Dallas

Moms, do you have any secrets to relieving diaper rash?? My 9month has Rotavirus and has sever diaper rash. We have used Butt Paste and soaked her in Domeboro...any o...


Rash on Face

A.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, Moms. My daughter is 11 mos and has recently developed a rash on her face that comes & goes in the area above and below the lips. She does eat a variety of fo...


My 15 Month Old Baby Has Eczema

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

At the age of 9 months old my daughter was found to have severe Eczema or also atopic Dermatitis. I was give Atopiclair to use on her out breaks. She gets out breaks...


Suggestions for Eczema Problem

T.M. asks from New York

Hello, My 3year old daughter has Eczema on the top of her hands. Some days are worse than others. Right now I'm using regular fragrance free hand creams. I'm afr...



C.A. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms, could use your words of wisdom again. My daughter is almost two. Never has had a diaper rash until a couple months ago. We change her diaper constantly, give...


Seeking Advice on Eczema

N.L. asks from San Antonio

I was wondering if any moms out there have dealt with Eczema? My daughter has it and was given some steroid cream about two weeks ago. The doctor instructed me to cha...