Punishment: Older Child

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What Do You Do for Punishment?

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, I have 3 kids, aged almost 6, 4 and 2. The older two are boys with the almost 6 year old in 1/2 day Kindergarten. I'm going to start this by saying I have gr...


Corporal Punishment

K. asks from Chicago

My 9 year old son has been having behavior issues at school. He has been suspended several times for acting out and being mean and/or physical with other students. ...


Proper Punishment

A.R. asks from Columbus

My 9- and 7-year old sons broke an expensive glass candle holder of mine...one on display in a room where they have been told REPEATEDLY not to play. I was in the sh...


10 Year Old Punishment

T.H. asks from Washington DC

I found 2 porno movies in my 10 year old backpack. How do I confront him and what is a punishment for him>


Appropriate Punishment

T.M. asks from Columbus

Hi moms and dads. I'd like your opinion on a punishment for my 15 yo daughter. Last night when she was supposed to be in bed she was on her cell phone. Dad heard voic...


Appropriate Punishment???

S.R. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms! Oh, am I mad! One of my 6 year old twins has always been a challenge when it comes to his behavior. He does all the typical things that boys do and more. He...


Suitable Punishment

A.R. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is in 1st grade and rides the bus every day. Earlier in the year we had a problem with her not following the rules (staying seated, facing the front, etc...


What Is a Good Punishment For....

B.D. asks from Richmond

My 5 yr old son is giving me a time because of his behavior and the things he does...well i need advice on what kind of punishment is a god idea to fit the "crime"......


Appropriate Punishment?

L.T. asks from Cincinnati

While I was at work tonight and my hubby was home with my kids, my boys took off. They had been playing outside in the yard, but then hubby didn't see them and began...


10 Year Old Defiant Son

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

I am so desperate for any advice from other parents of 10 year old boys. My son is not at all respectful of my discipling him, he doesn't care what I threaten him wit...