Public vs. Private: Child

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Public vs Private Schools

B.S. asks from Chicago

I am wanting to hear other opinions on the benefits of both public and private schools. My husband has always said he wanted our daughter to go to private school. I ...


Public vs Private or Charter

L.H. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Moms, I am wanting your opinions on Public vs Private or Charter Schools. My son is currently 3 and attends Challenger school 2 days a week. I love how much he...


Public v Private Schools

J.W. asks from St. Louis

This may seem like a strange question but why not. You have two families brought together by divorce and remarriage. One family has older sibs that went to privat...


Public Vs. Private - How Do You Choose?

K.C. asks from Minneapolis

A couple of questions. First, do you know of any good resources to investigate schools (public and private) starting at Kindergarten? I've heard some awful stories ...


Private v Public

T.D. asks from Dallas

I am faced with the never-ending question in the Dallas area -- private or public? I had thought I had resolved this question in favor of public. My son is currentl...


Private Preschool or Public Preschool?

K.E. asks from Tulsa

My son currently attends a DHS licensed daycare and she teaches certified preschool there. He just turned four so is eligible to go to preschool this coming fall. I a...


Private Kindergarten or Public

M.C. asks from Dallas

I have a son who will turn 5 this May. We are thinking public kindergarten. But this morning, I attended a private kindergarten meeting, I want to hear your voices....


5 y.o. With Public and Private Persona??

A.L. asks from Burlington

Hi moms. I am perplexed by my 5 year old son. I would characterize him as an incredibly fun, loud, outgoing, confident, boisterous, imaginative, bright, sometimes obn...


Private Elementary School vs Public

L.M. asks from Washington DC

Okay, I will try to make this short and sweet. My lil guy is finishing up private kindgerten due to his late birthday. He can now go to a public school. Problem is ...


Private to Public Elementary School - Mansfield ISD

S.D. asks from Dallas

We are considering going from a private 1st grade to public 2nd grade next year. My 6 yo son can be energetic and a bit socially behind, but is a great student acad...