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Question About Night Time Diaper for a 15 M Old Boy

I am happy with the Luv's brand we use during the day but my little man wakes up everynight because he has peed through his diaper and soaked his jammies. I change him right before I put him to sleep but that doesn't help. Any suggestions?

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Help with Potty Training Almost 2 Year Old

Hi moms! So, my daughter is 23 months and I have spent the last month or so preparing for potty training. I read "Potty Training in Less Than A Day" and another book. I was mentally prepared (so I thought) and really felt that my daughter was ready. I trained all this morning (from 7:30 until nap time 12:30). The book I followed had me train her first with a doll that wet itself. She absolutely loved this part and was very excited and involved. When it came time to sit on the potty herself, she absolutely refused. I tried...