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Over Night Prom Party on the Beach

P.S. asks from Houston

My son wants to go to a beach house after prom for an all night party with 15 other boys and girls without any adult supervision. He is being pressured by his girlfr...


Here We Go Again… Hopefully It Would Be for the Last Time "PROM"

N.B. asks from New York

Well, in a week my daughter will be attending her last HS Prom. Yes, it is exited and I am happy for her. But as a mom, I am also thinking about her feelings when sh...


Seeking Advice on 16-Year Prom Night

R.G. asks from San Francisco

Help!!! My 16-year old daughter is going to her Junior Prom which is great. The problem is that she is going with a group of friends and their dates, and they rented ...


Dry Cleaning White Prom Gown

B.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter wore a white beaded gown for her prom this year and the tailor said to be careful getting it dry cleaned because the fluid used will discolor the dress. ...


Anybody Who Has Experienced PROM (Premature Rupture of Membrane)?

P.L. asks from Dallas

I recently lost my first daughter at 21 wks of pregnancy due to PROM. I didn't even know what that was or how serious it was. I caught it too late because my leak was...


Homecoming Dress for a Prom Next Year?

T.L. asks from Detroit

My daughter is going to homecoming in a few weeks. She picked out this long, blue gown to wear. The dress was $55 and it needs to be altered because it's too long on...


How Much Would You Spend on a Prom Dress for Your 17 Year Old?

N.H. asks from Harrisburg

So I'm a single mother with limited income and my daughter keeps trying on these expensive gowns for junior prom. I told her I would go halves with her on a dress bU...


My 9 Year Old Daughter Wants to Wear Hold up Stockings for the School Prom

J.G. asks from Bakersfield

my daughter Becka whose only 9 , wants to wear hold up stockings for her school prom, im not sure whta to do about this , i have suggested tights but she says she wan...


How Do I Get Wrinkles Out of a Prom Dress?

L.W. asks from Dallas

I have never owned a steamer and try to buy clothes that don't need ironing but now I need to get wrinkles out of a prom dress. Is a steamer the answer? Does anyone...


Need Advice About Where to Buy a Prom Dress for a Tall, Plus-size Teen

B.C. asks from New York

Can anyone tell me about a place in the NYC metro area where I could buy my daughter a nice, but not ridiculously expensive prom dress. She's tall and somewhat overwe...