Preventative Care

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How to Clean Kids Hands Fast?

S.W. asks from San Francisco

During this cold season, the main preventive method is washing hands, especially after playgroup. But with two kids, it's hard to keep an eye on one while taking the ...


Seeking a Small Daycare Center or SAHM?

A.G. asks from Portland

My son has been attending a large daycare center since he was 3 months old. Since attending there, he has gotten sick every 3-4 weeks. Recently, there were several se...


Cranial Sacral Massage?

A.G. asks from Dallas

I have had horrible migraines for over 25 years, and lately they have been occurring even more often. I'm on twice daily preventive medication (prescription and herb...


In Hospital with Mastitis- Do I Wean?

C.G. asks from Chicago

This is my 3rd day in the hospital for a severe mastitis infection. The first two days, I kept my 5-month-old with me so she could nurse. But my milk dried up tempo...


Alternative Delivery, Bethany Center Vs. Hospital

T.N. asks from Phoenix

I delivered my son at a hospital and it was an overall positive, uncomplicated experience. The only bad thing was I tore and it hurt for several months, especially du...


Influenza -- 2 Questions

K.D. asks from Denver

My 5 yo has Influenza Type B, confirmed by a culture. So that raises two questions. The doctor told me he was probably okay to be around others come Monday. He's s...


What Could Be Causing 10-Month Old to Have Congestion/runny Nose So Often?

D.B. asks from Dallas

My almost 10 month old son has yet ANOTHER round of congestion/runny nose. I would say about 60-70% of the time since he was born he's had this congestion/runny nose ...


How to Fix Play-Doh

A.C. asks from Dallas

Apparently, I've been neglecting the care of my son's Play-Doh and it's all dried out and crumbly. Is there any way to "fix" it without having to buy new stuff at th...


Endometrial Cells Present in *Normal* Pap

C.. asks from Columbia

Ok mamas..... what would you do? Health Background: I am a 41 year old female. overweight, but quite healthy (blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, exercise etc) ...


Suggestions for Combatting Roaches and Bedbugs!

A.M. asks from Atlanta

My 80 year old parents live in northern VA. My dad requires nearly 24-hour paid live-in care. Mom takes care of him and still works part-time. They are combatting ...