Preventative Care

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Any Ideas What Cuses Little Bumps on My Sons Face?

A.A. asks from San Antonio

I have a 7 week old little boy and he is developing tiny little bumps on his cheeks and forehead that look like pimples. They seem to be getting worse everyday and ar...


Need Advice Regarding Dental Office Policy

C.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone, So my husband just got back from the dentist and his treatment plan is double of what it was last year AND most importantly it includes redoing some of ...


Ideas for Job for Husband

A.M. asks from Kansas City

morning ladies! well my husband finally found a job he LOVES. he is a courier. he doesn't have to deal with many people, most of his day is spent driving to and fro. ...


I Could Have Knocked Her Out...

M.S. asks from Houston

I had an odd experience at the mall today, I just want to vent and see if someone has had a similar experience. I took my kids to the mall today to get my son some ne...


Natural Ways to Prevent Getting Sick This Winter

E.T. asks from Albuquerque

The question on families not getting the flu shot got me thinking... what natural methods or remedies do you use to prevent you or your family getting sick? In th...


Are You a Bad Patient? How Well Do You Know Your Body?

R.D. asks from Richmond

As mom's, we're not allowed to get sick... ever. I'm horrible, I hate going to the doctor and will literally wait until I'm 1/2 dead to drag myself in there (and ofte...


Looking for OBGYN, PCP, and Dentist in West U Area

E.M. asks from Houston

Hi, I'm new to Houston & looking for personable doctors. I prefer that OBGYN and PCP be female with a decent amount of experience. For dentist don't have preference m...


Suggestions to Help a Baby with a Cold (And Her Mom!)

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Everyone! My 10-mo-old daughter has a cold--nothing serious, but stuffy/runny nose, congestion, slight cough, low-grade fever, some trouble sleeping. I know it has...


HSP Health Savings Plan

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

Has anyone any experience with one of the Health savings plan or medical savings plan insurances with Blue corss/Blue shields or other? I am 49, will not have any oth...


Dental X-rays for Children

R.W. asks from New York

My daughter is almost 8 and has never had dental x-rays. The last time we went to the dentist, he wanted to take x-rays of my daughter's teeth for the first time. I a...