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Asthma with Every Cold!?!?!

A.S. asks from Reading

everytime my 19month old gets a cold it turns into asthma. he needs a nebulizer and a steroid to help him. i cant get any answers as to why this is happening. they...


4 Month Old with Whooping Cough

L.S. asks from Atlanta

I'm sitting here at the hospital and running on 2 hours of sleep total in 48 hrs. My little 4 month old daughter was diagnosed with whopping cough. Last night at our ...


Need Help on a Decent Medical Plan !!!!

L.E. asks from Miami

Hi Moms, I really need help on picking medical coverage for the family. My hubby is starting a job where he'll be a independant contractor. He will not have any me...


Seeking Dental and Medical Doctors in the Washington, DC Area

N.L. asks from Washington DC

I'm not happy with the work (root canal & crown) that I had done by my current dentist. I need to get the procedure done over becuase my front tooth looks like a hug...


Want to Get into the Medical Field

J.C. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for some advice on getting started in the medical field. I know I want to work in the hospital, but now I'm trying to figure out exactly what field. I lik...


Infants and New Ideas About When to Feed What?

S.L. asks from Kansas City

On one of my daycare groups, a question has come up about some parents with some different food demands. The caregiver says mom and dad are withholding all fruit f...


Well Visits--what's the Point?

M.S. asks from Bloomington

why do we go to the doctor when we're healthy? i can understand going when kids are sick... but some one please explain to me why we need to hassle with well visits. ...


Gestational Diabetes

J.D. asks from Washington DC

I am 30 weeks pregnant and just found out my 3 hour glucose test came back high. I am nervous, scared... I am waiting for my doctor to call me with details, but hopi...


Have You Had SHINGLES?

W.L. asks from Houston

I'm looking for anyone that has had Shingles, and more specifically Shingles with NO rash. Back in March, an area on my scalp began feeling "bruised" as if I'd hit m...



B.V. asks from Chicago

I just found out that I am not pregnant. Thank you all for your advice. Some were pretty harsh. Anyhow, we have decided that I would get fixed. I want to know if ...