Preventative Care: Preschooler

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Hair Care for an Active 3 Year Old

I would like advice - my 3 year old daughter has beautiful long hair that falls in ringlet curls. However, I am having difficulty brushing it because she screams the whole time I do this. We tried 2 different varieties of "no more tangles" and she doesn't like the smell. I am considering just cutting it until she is a bit older. Any ideas to help me keep my sanity in the morning? Thank you!

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure Issue During Pregnancy

Okay, Mamas, have any of you had this experience? A few times now, I've been having a normal day, and my blood pressure has suddenly dropped too LOW! I get all lethargic and sweaty and feel horrible, and this morning I almost passed out. My OB/GYN has told me to keep hydrated and eat lots of salt. Well, I'm drinking fluids like crazy, and I'm now swelling up with so much salt, lol, and it's still happening. It happens at random times, so it's not when I'm getting up in the morning or standing up from sitting or anything like that. I...

Stop Smoking Efforts

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Need Help to Quit Smoking

I desperatly want to quit smoking. My husband and I both decided to quit together. The nicotine gum works great for him but I hate it. It makes my mouth burn. I am looking for some advise from other moms who have quit and how they did it. We want to have another child but I refuse to get pregant if I am still smoking.


Quit Smoking Advice

Hello wonderful moms! I am 32 years old with three children ages 11, 4, and...

Stress Test

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3 Year Old Behavior...

Hello there...I am looking for new tricks to have up my sleeve when dealing with my 3 year old daughter. As of late she has taken to shrieeking when put on a time out. I also have not been able to get her to say "I'm sorry for _____" once she's out of her time out. She flat out refuses and walks away or says she "can't". She also has taken to talking or raising her voice over mine to repeat herself when told "no" in getting something. This she picked up from me due to my using it when she started repeating herself so say "noooooo" over her....


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For Moms Who Are Against Vaccinations Only!

I'm a first time mom please fill me in on the pros of not vaccinating, also, are you selectively choosing which ones you want your children to receive and which ones you don't? Are your children relatively ''healthy'', do they get sick often or don't? Any info would be much appreciated.


Visits & Tests

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4 Year Old Behavior

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics with your 4 year old (I have a boy). He can't stand tags in his clothing, socks are too tight, pants are too tight (even though they are not.....), no long sleeve shirts (can't stand them!). Behaviors he has are: tantrums....screaming, yelling, and hitting the bedroom door...etc... when we are transitioning him from one thing to the next...and he is not happy about the next event. We also are hearing from others that he is bugging other kids who are next to him...


4 Year Old & ADHD

My son is now 4 1/2 years old and has always been a very well-behaved little...