Preventative Care: Gerber

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Coughing, Congestion & Throwing Up... Oh My! Please Help!

E.A. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi Mommies, I really need some help - and I apologize in advance that this will probably be pretty lengthy. My son (Christopher) just turned 1 last week. For about ...


Natural Remedies for Excema

J.B. asks from Grand Junction

My 8 month old has excema on his cheeks and one arm. I have been using aquafor but the dr just gave me a hyrocortizone precription. I just statred usuing candula to...


Toddler with Constipation

M.C. asks from Las Vegas

my toddler has been potty trained for a year now. recently, he has problems with constipation and soiling his underwear. i've tried laxatives and altering his diet ...


What to Give Toddler to Drink?

M.I. asks from Orlando

I'm curious what other moms give their kids to drink. I trying to cut back on juices that have a lot of sugar or colored drinks, since I'm finding little pink spots ...


Seeking Ideas for Constipated, Gassy Toddler

A.A. asks from Houston

My 17-month-old son has been suffering from constipation since we started him on solid foods. He won't eat any fruit, so I still have to spoon-feed him prunes every m...


Advice Needed

M.J. asks from Dallas

My two year old daughter has had on and off battles with constipation lately. I have tried taking her off most dairy, and giving her apple juice. It will work for a...