Preschooler: South Beach

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Breakfast Ideas - Anything!

N.C. asks from Washington DC

We moved over the summer and my children have a new school routine. They now have to catch the bus at 7 am. I am in desperate need of suggestions for a quick but he...


I Need Help with Healthy Meal Ideas.

D.H. asks from Cleveland

I just found out that my 5 year old son's cholesterol is a bit high. I need to get more ideas on healthy snacks and meals. He has a mild milk allergy,so dairy is ver...


Discouraged Due to Flabby Tummy LOL

S.D. asks from Washington DC

I have been trying to lose weight but I have not been successful. My tummy is just round and flabby! My daughter loves to make it jiggle :O LOL I try to keep a posi...


Aquarium Sleepover- Other Questions

E.P. asks from Tampa

Thank you to all who answered my last question about my son not being invited to the aquarium sleepover. Now I just need to figure out some other concerns. So dau...


Hydroxycut-Diet Pill

A.C. asks from Houston

Hello moms, I've decided that I will do something about my weight not just complaint and feel fat and ugly with low self esteem. I know that diet and excersice alo...


How to Lose My Weight After My Second Child

M.R. asks from Phoenix

Hello i I'm at a loss on where to start on losing my baby weight. I just had my second child six weeks ago, and I have never really exercised or dieted. I weigh aroun...


Seeking Information on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

A.M. asks from Knoxville

I am a mom of 3 beautiful girls, I have really been thinking about how much I would like to have another baby, Well after 3 months of not having a period and taking s...


Ladies Need Help Here!

E.S. asks from Austin

Hi ladies, I wanted to know if any of yall had taken Metformin while TTC. I have been TTC for almost a year and in the process I found out by an RE I had a brain tumo...


Need Help with Food!!!

J.H. asks from Houston

To make a long story short, my daughter who is 5 months old has a milk/soy protein allergy. I was told to cut it all out of my diet as she is a breastfed only baby. i...


How to Get Toddlers to Eat Vegetable

S.B. asks from Indianapolis

Hello! I am a mother of two little ones - daughter that is 2 1/2 and son that is 16 months. My little guy is very small for his age (although doctors are not concer...