Preschooler: South Beach

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Breastfeeding Diet

A.B. asks from Cincinnati

Does anyone know a good breastfeeding diet to make me lose my baby weight and also some good exercises that will workto get the flab away?



K.H. asks from Nashville

I am having a hard time losing weight. I have 3 kids and am now done. Lol! I really want to focus on losing the weight I gained with all three of them. I have 60 lbs....


Ideas for High Protein Snacks for School

S.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi! I'd like suggestions of easy, high-protein snacks I can send to my daughter's classroom. She is 3 1/2. I believe she may be hypo-glycemic (I am and I see simil...


I Need to Lose up to 30Lbs

N.L. asks from Orlando

I gave birth 3 months ago, andi have gained over 30ls, I am desparate and depressed, I need to lose weight, but i'm having hard time sticking to a diet, any ideas, su...


Seeking Advice on Cooking Healthy

K.C. asks from Colorado Springs

I want to know if any moms out there can recommend a healthy cookbook or recipes?


Snack Ideas

M.F. asks from Pittsfield

I'm looking for some easy to grab HEALTHY snack ideas. My kids are sick of me saying "have a piece of fruit or some crackers". Any ideas would be welcome.


Best Diet Out There? What Worked for You?

S.B. asks from Columbia

I have never had a weight problem before I had my now two year old son. I can't seem to get the weight off. I also have HBP since the birth of my two year old son a...


Protein Bars - Need Suggestions

S.F. asks from Iowa City

My 5-year old son does not eat meat or drink milk. We try to get protein through cheese and cottage cheese. He won't eat beans either - he's very picky!! I was think...


12 Week Old Allergic to Dairy/possibly Soy

A.W. asks from Charlotte

I am a new mother with a precious 12 week old son who has had blood in his stool. The GI doc diagnosed him with allergic colitis and I have been on a dairy-free diet...


HELP!! Galveston or Florida???

S.K. asks from Dallas

I know Florida's beaches far surpass Galveston but is Galveston decent or is it really dirty like I've heard? My son wants to hunt for shells, build sand castles, an...