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Looking for Pediatric Dentist

E.V. asks from Phoenix

I need help. We finally got decent dental insurance and most dentists are on our plan. My 4 year old son needs to go to the dentist for the first time (I know, I kn...


Oh the Vinager

E.B. asks from Seattle

My 4 year old had a small accident yesterday during nap time. I always was told to put vinager on the matress to get out the pee smell. so I did. I then lefted his...


I Used to Think I Was a Good Mom Until....

R.P. asks from Phoenix son turned 4.5 years old. AHHHHHH! Is this normal? My son is driving me bonkers! He finished preschool in May and he has been driving me crazy ever since! ...


Don't Know What to Do with My Baby Going to School with Allergies to Egg&peanuts

O.S. asks from Sacramento

I'm frustrated and not sure what to do! My daughter had her 1st day of preschool and her teacher allows any snacks regardless of my daughter's allergies to egg & pea...


Preschoolers Won't Eat Meals and Are Grumpy

J.O. asks from Detroit

So I've been doing, for months and months, healthy foods and meals. My kids 4 and 5 won't eat them. There is so much food going to waste, it upsets me. "They will ea...


Freezer Meals for Upcoming Baby?

N.S. asks from Tucson

Hi. We have a baby coming in a couple of months and I want to start thinking about what to make for meals that I can just stick in the freezer. I bought chicken on ...


Need Help from an Experienced Mom Getting Breastfeed Baby to Sleep More than 3 H

M.S. asks from Roanoke

I have a 5month old who I breastfeed and still breastfeed some but he has started solids and bottles and my milk supply is dwindling. I had been co-sleeping and we ar...


Need Help with 4Yr Old Son Cant Control Him

S.T. asks from Phoenix

My son is out of control and I cannot seem to get a handle on him. He misbehaves at the public special preschool, daycare, and at home. He curses, back talks and ever...


Diaper Rash

S.H. asks from Denver

I am having a unique experience with my 9 month old son. He is teething and is getting occasional diaper rash. I use Desitin because it is the only thing that worke...


Artificial Food Colors - HELP

M.R. asks from San Francisco

After reading an article on food colors (red, yellow, blue) I am experimenting with taking my 3 year old off all "yellow, blue and red" colors to see if it will impro...