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Need More Suggestions for My 3 Year Old's Hair

K.W. asks from Chicago

I have two bi-racial children. I'm white and my husband is black. My kids both have beautiful curly hair. I have tried so many products from the ethnic lines to th...


Seeking the Perfect Princess Cupcakes for 4 Year-old's B-day

K.C. asks from Portland

Any crafty/creative ideas how to create princess-themed pink & purple cupcakes for my g/g twins' 4th birthday?


Hair Care for Pre-schooler

N.O. asks from Phoenix

I have noticed lately that my 4 year old daughter's hair needs more than just shampoo these days. It seems to be dry and gets very snarly wet or dry even with the sh...


I HATE The Term "Stay at Home Mom"!

K.L. asks from San Francisco

I HATE the term "Stay At Home Mom"! I have a 10 month old and a 4 year old and I do not work outside the home. And by work I mean earn a paycheck. I am rarely home...


Preschool Field Trip Ideas

T.J. asks from Seattle

Anyone have any good ideas or experiences to share for preschool field trips or class visitors? I've been told we usually go on one every other month, and the month i...


Has Anyone Else Been Shamed by Strangers?

B.T. asks from Portland

My youngest, who is 3, is very stubborn. He is also very loud when he is mad. I was in the local one-stop shopping store and my little guy had a temper tantrum. A ...


Cold Medicine That Dissolves in Mouth for a 2Yr Old????

C.Z. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mama's, I need some help for my neighbor. His 2 year old has a cold and is refusing and is doing anything to NOT take any sort of liquid or any medication. I re...


Three Kids Under 4...

K.C. asks from Portland

We are having a third baby boy in December, and of course that will change everything!! Right now I am looking for advice, knowledge, and experience help from other ...


Seeking Healthy Snack Ideas

K.E. asks from Portland

Hello! I am looking for healthy (organic is a plus but not required), easy to pack lunch/snack ideas for my 3 year old daughter. She will eat just about anything so...


**Need Help on Getting Glue Out of Dog's Hair!!**

B.D. asks from Sacramento

My 4 year old son and his friend decided to put eyelash glue on our puppy's yesterday. The dogs are fine, there are just some spots on their backs....but I cannot get...