Preschooler: Safety 1st

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Which Booster Seat: Britax Frontier 85, Safety 1St Vantage, or Go Hybrid?

M.C. asks from Phoenix

I value your opinions! Both my kids (4 and 6) have outgrown their Britax Marathon and need to move to a booster seat. I strongly prefer one that offers a 5 point harn...


Safety 1St Apex Car Seat

J.N. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have the Safety 1st Apex car seat and could give me some info. on it? I need to get a car seat for my 3 year old to use in his grandma's minivan. My hus...


Will a SAFETY 1ST Alpha Omega Elite Fit in Our Dodge Durango

T.C. asks from Des Moines

We area bout to take a LONG car trip and my daughter 9 months and still in a infant seat. I'd like to move her to a new seat before the trip so she'll be more comfor...


Car Seat Dilemma W/a 1 and 3 Year Old!

N.I. asks from Daytona Beach

Hello Ladies, I want your opinion...I have a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old (well he turns 1 next week) and I'm trying to decide what to do w/the car seats. My ...


My 3 Year Old Won't Stop Getting into Things

T.V. asks from Seattle

I need some advice. My 3 yr old gets into everything. I just recently got some cupboard locks for the cupboards and drawers but I haven't been able to install them ye...


Need a Car Seat for My 3 Year Old, Any Recommendations?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Okay Moms, my son turned 3 last week, he is a big tall boy, about 45lbs and 43 inches at his last check up a few months ago. We were having a problem with him not bei...


Car Seat Suggestions

A.J. asks from New York

Hello Moms! I'm currently looking for a new car seat for my 14 month old. She's very tall for her age, and I'm looking for something that will grow with her. So far,...


5 Point Harness Booster Seat

T.M. asks from Miami

Hello all, I'm shopping for a 5 point harness seat for my just turned 3 year old. I got consumer reports top 2, Eddie Bauser High Back Booster and Safety 1st Vanta...


5 Point Harness for 3 Year Old

C.M. asks from Chicago

Hi, my 3 1/2 year old daughter has just about outgrown her convertible car seat. I feel that she is still too young to go straight to a booster seat and I would like...


Advice Needed on Cars Seat

J.M. asks from Omaha

I am asking for suggestions or help on picking the best car seat for my 10 month old. The two options that we have been looking at are the new Graco My Ride 65 versu...