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Best Bottle to Use While Nursing

M.L. asks from Spartanburg

Hi Moms! I am currently 7 months pregnant with my 3rd. I am looking to nurse my baby as long as I can, but when I return to work, I will have to use a bottle. I wa...


Sippy Cup That Doesn't Leak

J.H. asks from Houston

Hi Ladies, My son turned one almost a month ago and he is no longer using bottles for his milk. We have only used the Born Free bottles and sippy cups (for water) and...


Sippy Cup Suggestions

E.Z. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms, I am looking for a good sippy cup. The ones I am using now tend to leak when upside down or on their side. Isn't the point of the sippy cup so I DON'T step i...


Seeking Advice on Sippy Cups

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hello I have an almost 6 month old and was wondering when you go from bottles to sippy cups and also which sippy cups you like the best. Do you start with the handl...


Is There Really a LEAK PROOF Straw Sippy Cup Out There???

L.M. asks from New York

My son gets speach therapy and the therapist wants him to use a straw rather than a regular sippy cup. I have bought many different straw sippy cups and although the...


Breast Pumps/Bottles

S.S. asks from Saginaw

I have decided that instead of breast feeding this next child, I am going to use a breast pump. I used a breast pump with my first son, but it was a manual. This time...


Which Bottles Are Best???

W.D. asks from Charlotte

I am 33 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and I am trying to figure out what kind of bottles to get. Everyone that I know has thrown in their two cents about my plans n...


Need Advice About What Kind of Bottle to Use for My 5 Week Old Daughter.

E.S. asks from New York

HI all, I want to start feeding my daughter the breastmilk that I have pumped and saved, but am unsure as to which bottle to use. Has anyone ever used the MAM bottle...


Bottle Feeding/ Breast Feeding

J.J. asks from Kansas City

I am intending on breast feeding my child primarily, however when i return to work i'm going to have to pump. Do i have to use specific bottles for pumping or can i ...


Favorite Sippy Cup and Bibs

E.E. asks from Washington DC

I'm looking to replace my stash of sippy cups and bibs as the cups are beginning to leak and the bibs are starting to smell less than superb :) Any cup that you love...