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Breastfeeding and Job Related Travel

B.M. asks from Chicago

Ok Moms..I have a 5 month old baby and she is exclusively breast fed. I work full time, but only leave her once a week as I work from home 4 days a week. That one d...


Looking for Information About Breast Pumps!

D.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I have awhile to go with my pregnancy, but I thought that I would start researching my options regarding breastfeeding now. I have a 3 year old whom I didn't breastfe...


How Old Is Too Old for Sippy Cup?

K.S. asks from Kansas City

I was wondering how old is too old for a kid to have a sippy cup? My daughter is 3 1/2 and still drinks out of a sippy cup. Part is our fault as we just bought a ne...


Best Sippy Cups?

T.O. asks from Chicago

I'm wondering which sippy cups everyone thinks are best. My daughter is 14 months and it seems every time she drops hers it leaks or spills all over the floor. Than...


Sippy Cup Recommendation

C.S. asks from Chicago

My soon to be 1 year old has been using the Nuby soft spout sippy cups for several months now. I need to switch him to a different type of cup because he keeps chewi...


Recommendation for Sippy Cups That Don't Spill...

M.F. asks from Chicago

Anyone have any recommendations for sippy cups that wont spill when held upside down? My son always takes his cup and shakes it upside down depositing milk everywhere...


Sippy Cups

E.R. asks from Dallas

i have 6mth old baby girl looking for a good sippy cup there are so many out there what do you all recommend thanks


Need Help Please

T.W. asks from St. Louis

My son is 4 and half weeks now and we are still trying to get breastfeeding to work. He has been gaining enough weight and wetting enough diapers, my problem is how ...



N.G. asks from Grand Rapids

Dear all, My kids are ready to use cups for their juices. Could you give me a good suggestion for a good transitional cup? Thank you. N..


Slow Nipples

J.P. asks from Dallas

Can anyone suggest a slow nipple? I was trying to find the brand that is the slowest in hopes that my baby doesn't like the bottle better than breast. I start back ...