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4 1/2 Months and Never Taken Bottle

M.A. asks from Boston

We didn't give a bottle to our son at the start because of nursing it's 4 months later and I'm stuck. He will drink from a bottle on occassion, but not ...


Anyone Know of a Great NON-SPILL NON-LEAK Sippy Cup?

L.F. asks from Iowa City

Hi there- I don't know if anyone else has this problem- but it seems that every cup I buy for my 3 year old- leaks! All over my diaper bag...which by the way- says n...


Cups with Straws

J.☯. asks from Springfield

Does anyone know of a good cup with a straw for grade schoolers? I love the ones I've bought for myself, but they hold 16 oz. I have the Dora & Diego ones by Munchk...


How Do You Handle Being Pregnant and the Heat?

C.A. asks from New York

Today was our first really hot day. It hit 85. Well I felt very sick to my stomach and got a headache. I know that I should drink alot of water but it's hard cause I ...


Sending Drinks to School

C.A. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, What containers do you use to send lunch drinks to school for your kids? I have 2 in preschool and hate to send sippy cups (they seem babyish) or bottles...


Baby Carrier/Slings Recommendations

S.P. asks from Reading

I' looking into purchasing either a baby carrier or a sling for a 4 month old. He's classified as a "high needs baby" (according to Dr. Sears) and needs to be held a...


Staying Dry Through the Night

J.H. asks from Erie

My 3 year old has been potty trained for 9 months but still wets her pull-up almost on a nightly basis. When can I expect her to stay dry throughout the night?


Baby Carrier for Travel and C-section Recovery

S.B. asks from Seattle

Hi ladies, In 4 weeks I will be travelling alone with my 2 boys ages 3 and will be 13 weeks. I plan to use our double stroller for getting around, but would also ...


Seeking Advice to Help Breastfed Infant Accept Bottle

S.L. asks from Chicago

Help! Our 8 week old has barely accepted a bottle after we've tried to introduce it around 4 weeks. Occassionally she will take an ounce from it, but often refuses i...


Trouble with Breastfeeding

K.R. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello Mommies, So here is the dilemma. I have a 3 week old son who at birth was 11 lbs. 5 oz. and 23 in long. Thank goodness for C-Sections. So here is the problem, ...