Preschooler: Pedialyte

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Food NOT to Give for 3 Year Old Vomiting??

J.W. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, My boy had a mild fever for the past couple of days and diarrhea (once per day for two days), now my 3 years old girl is waking up vomiting. I know no dairy p...


Is There Anything I Can Do About My 3 Year Old?

L.B. asks from Phoenix

My three year old daughter has caught the flu or some sort of stomach virus. She has been throwing up for two days and isnt able to hold anything down-that is when I ...


What Can "The Lil Girl" Drink?

J.G. asks from Sacramento

Hi, Domani is 8 months old and I give her water in a sippy cup, which she very much enjoys in between bottles, but is it too early for, say, Pedialyte? She eats the ...


3 Year Old Having Tonsils Taken out--YIKES!!!!

C.S. asks from Louisville

My son is having his tonsils taken out next week and I am a nervous wreck. We went to the store and picked out popsicles, special juices and ginger ale yesterday to p...


Blood Tinged Diarreah in 3-Year Old

D.S. asks from Albuquerque

Has anyone ever experienced blood-tinged mucusy diarreah in their child? My daughter is going on 7 days with severe cramps and diarreah and there is sometimes blood-...


4 Year Old Son Puking for 5 Days. Around Same Time Every Night

M.B. asks from Elmira

My son threw up on Wednesday around 4pm. Was super tired afterward and fell asleep. Then went to bed with no issues. Was fine all day Thursday and Friday had his 4th ...



H.B. asks from Tucson

my 13 month old was sick this past weekend with a nasty stomach virus and it has seemed to pass but ever since this weekend he seems more sluggish, had a slight fever...


My 1 Year Old Has Had Diarrhea and Doesn't Want to Eat or Drink..

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, My 1 year old has had diarrhea for almost a week, she vomitted 3 times yesterday after I tried giving her formula because she wasn't taking milk. She turns do...


Vomiting Toddler - ANY HOME REMEDIES?

A.S. asks from Portland

I'm feeling a bit slow as I wish I could figure out how to search on this site and/or locate the archives as someone mentioned in the past as I am SURE this is a topi...


"2Yr Son Getting Sick Often"

H.N. asks from Phoenix

He was fine couple of days but now he again got sick with cough, fever and running nose. Stopped eating just drinks pedialyte. Can any one please help me in letting m...