Preschooler: Pack n Play

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Tent Camping with Little Ones

T.W. asks from Detroit

I wanted to know what fellow campers use for their children to sleep in when you are camping. My 4 year old has a air mattress with attached sleeping bag, but I'm no...


Quality Toys for a 3-Year-old...

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, We have been living overseas now for just over a year and, along with many other things, toys here are a fortune...often more than double the cost of US pri...


Travel Bed for 3 Year Old Who JUST Transitioned to Toddler Bed

M.Y. asks from Chicago

I'll be visiting my parents' home (on the West Coast) for 2 1/2 weeks and am wondering what the best sleep arrangement would be for my 3 year old daughter while we're...


3 Year Old Still in Crib

M.W. asks from Washington DC

My 3 year old daughter seems uninterested in moving from her crib to her big girl bed. We set up her twin bed in her room and told her that whenever she was ready we'...


Sharing a Room with a Toddler on Vacation

P.B. asks from Dallas

Our 23 month old only falls asleep in her crib or pack n play when she is in a room by herself. Next month we are going on vacation with my in-laws and she will be s...


Need Help with Aggressive 3 Year Old

C.P. asks from Rochester

I have two children. I had the opportunity to make a little more money watching another child. I have been watching him for a week and a half. He is a 3 1/2 year o...


Bed Time for 3 Year Old Is a Nightmare

T.E. asks from Seattle

My daughter has recently started going through a period where she finds every excuse to get out of bed before falling asleep. A typical routine at night is as follow...


Help - 1 YO Cries All the Time and 4 YO Is Getting Ignored

J.C. asks from Roanoke

My 16-month old cries whenever I'm not holding her. Even if I'm putting her down to sit in the floor and play with her, she cries when I let go. She isn't like this...


9 Mth Old Sharing Room with 3 Yr Old and Having Her CIO to Sleep Thru Night??

J.B. asks from Hartford

Due to lack of space, we have our 9 month old daughter sharing a room with my 3 year old son. If we put her in the pack-n-play downstairs, she seems to have success...


4 Year Olds Behavior

M.S. asks from Chicago

I am wondering if this is just a typical 4 year old or is it something more. My son is not listening and I have to ask several times before he does what I ask him to...