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Need Help Finding a Double Stroller for Newborn and 3 Yr. Old!!!!!

D.M. asks from Sarasota

I've been looking online and feel I've seen it all but I never know that's why I'm asking and wondering if anyone has had luck with a certain stroller or had not so g...


Trying to Find a Backpack Carrier

S.D. asks from Boston

My 8 month old is too big for the baby bjorn, and I have a structured backpack for hiking and such. But that isn't really great for the grocery store and around the ...


Baby Carriers

L.B. asks from San Diego

I need help. I am due in about 2 1/2 weeks with our third baby. We already have a 3 year old and 17 month old boy. I am going to need my hands free as much as possibl...


Need on Advice If I Should Bring Stroller

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

We are going to Disney World for Xmas big vaction planned for 2 years now going with all my family so 16 of us all together. What I need to know is if anyone has gone...


Baby Sling

J.M. asks from Wilmington

I am looking for a great baby sling. Does anyone have a reconmendation.



M.O. asks from San Antonio

Any other moms who babywear? I should have said that I have two Didymos wraps and love them. I wear my month old and my year old!! A PP said something about...


Baby Carrier

K.R. asks from New York

i have the Baby Bjorn now and I am looking for another carrier (my 8.5 month old baby is getting too big). Does anyone have the lillebaby or the ergo? Which is bett...


Best Sling

E.D. asks from Great Falls

I would like to get advice about the best sling out there. I do own a Maya-wrap which I don't find very "user-friendly". I have watched the video a thousand times and...


Front Pack Carrier for plus Size Mom

A.H. asks from Seattle

I wanted your opinion on purchasing a front pack carrier that will work well for a plus sized mom. I just had a sweet baby boy 3 weeks ago and with my 3 year old runn...


Carriers and Slings

M. asks from Cincinnati

I have a three month old daughter and would like to find a good sling or carrier, as she likes to be held all the time. I've tried others in the past with my other c...