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Diaper Bags

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

I need a good diaper bag that is large enough and organized enough for 2 or more kids. I have 2 kids right now and the diaper bag I got for my first child is too smal...


Longer Mittons to Keep Out the Snow

K.S. asks from Chicago

My 3 yr old son gets a ton of snow between his coat and mittons...I know there are mittons with sleeves or just longer mittons, but I've heard some of them are incred...


Kindergarten Backpack - Crocodile Creek

S.G. asks from Boston

Has anyone used the crocodile creek backpack for their Kindergartener? If so what are the pros and cons. They seem to have only one size 11.5x14 ,was this large enoug...


Looking for Backpack

A.V. asks from Washington DC

I'm looking for a backpack to use as a diaper bag. I don't want a huge one. I need it to be sturdy enough to be tossed in the car (like a jansport or eastpak) but als...


Backpack for Toddler

C.L. asks from Detroit

I'm trying to find a reasonably priced little backpack for my toddler.. I think he'd enjoy one on our upcoming trip. I've looked at Target and Walmart and all they ha...


My Daughter

A.S. asks from Tyler

I am having the hardest time finding pants, jeans, ANYTHING that's NOT ELASTIC to fit my little girl. She is 4 years old, weighs 75 lbs and is 52 inches tall. I feel ...


Really (!!!!) Warm Winter Boots for Kids and moms.....where ????

D.C. asks from Dallas

We're from Texas and hardly get any snow but the winter is still cold. Since we're spending a lot of time outside I am looking for REALLY warm (lined) winter boots...


Skinny Kid Clothes

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

Any idea best places to get skinny/slim clothes. We have done old navy for jeans (thank god for adjustable waists!) but athletic type pants and shorts are a proble...


Trouble Finding Winter Coats

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I have been having some trouble this year finding decent winter coats for my kids. Everything I seem to find online is either ridiculously priced (I'm not going to sp...


First Backpack!

A.R. asks from Seattle

My oldest daughter is starting kindergarten next month (so exciting!) I was wondering if I could get advice from all you mama's out there about what kind of backpack ...