Preschooler: Fisher Price

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3 Year Old Only Wants to Wear a Costume

H.H. asks from Killeen

My 3 year old has become absolutely obsessed with a show called 'Lazy Town." It's all he talks about, thinks about, or wants to watch. He has a Sportacus costume (the...


Barbies and 3 and 4 Year Olds

J.V. asks from Chicago

My daughter will be 4 in March. She has never been all that interested in dolls, but for her bday I decided to get her some Fairy dolls (she is obsessed with flying a...


My 3 Year Old Will Not Give up His "Binky"

J.B. asks from Charleston

My 3 year old son refuses to give up his binky at night when its time for bed. He does not use it at nap time or at all during the day. We have tried to tell him that...


Clingy Almost 3 Year Old

J.G. asks from Boston

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to deal with a clingy almost 3 year old. My younger daughter has always been a "Mama's girl" but in the last few we...


Electronic Games/activities for 3 Year Old

C.R. asks from Columbus

My son will be 3 in January so I am trying to come up with good Christmas and birthday ideas. He does not currently have any type of electronic portable game/activit...


3 Year Old Birthday Present Ideas?

A.D. asks from Seattle

My daughter will be turning 3 in the beginning of May and I am at a loss at what to get her for her birthday. She has many interests. She doesnt have favorites really...


Good Gifts for a 3 Year Old Boy?

C.G. asks from Los Angeles

i'm looking for some good, educational gift ideas for my son this year. he's 3 years old and loves cars, trucks, dinosaurs, sports and the like, but i'm hoping to exp...


Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Son!!

K.S. asks from Birmingham

I am having a hard time deciding what to get my son for his third birthday. If anyone has any ideas of good toys, whether it be educational,creative, etc, then I am ...


Getting My 4 Year Old to Bed and to Sleep in His Room

C.C. asks from Providence

Hello I hope someone has some ideas for me - every night is a problem. My 4 year old son will not go to sleep in his bed. We have tried reading him books in his be...


Looking for the Perfect Double Stroller for Infant and 3 Year Old

M.L. asks from Detroit

I am wondering what type of double stroller to get for my baby (due Aug 27) and my son, who will be 3 next week. We travel quite a bit, so it needs to be something g...