Preschooler: Diaper Champ

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Stinky Diaper Champ

J.R. asks from Dallas

I love my Diaper Champ. My only complaint is that I can't seem to control the odor. I do my best to change the bags VERY often, spray Lysol/Oust, use those yellow dis...


Recommend for a New Dirty Diaper Container...

L. asks from Dallas

Today as we were dumping out our diaper genie, both the refill ran out AND the lid broke. My daughter is 2, and has shown little interest in using the potty. I do n...


Diaper Pail

H.T. asks from Indianapolis

Anyone know of a good diaper pail that ACTUALLY helps with odor? Our pail didn't snell back during the early days of breastfed diapers and formula. Now that my son is...


Alternatives to Diaper Genie?

C.C. asks from Richmond

I just had twins who are still in the hospital. My sister thought the diaper genie was a waste and that the smell would still get out, plus you need special bags for...


It Smells Pooey in Here!

M.O. asks from Denver

When I found out I was pregnant my DH and I registered for a Diaper Genie. My friend said she hated hers, so she didn't get me one. Consequently we got a plain old ...


Help with Cloth Dipaers

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Again Ladies, I finally made the leap. I bought bumGenius yesterday, while i only bought one of them, how many should i buy? Also, go figure my DS had a BM...


Diaper Pail Recommendations?

C.M. asks from Janesville-Beloit

We currently use the Safety First Odorless Diaper Pail. That pail was okay at first for keeping in the smell, but lately, it hasn't been doing it's job. We have cha...



T.M. asks from Chicago

hello.......Does anyone know of any good boy names? I am trying to look for a name that is different and unusally............If you know of any good boy names please ...



K. asks from Chicago

O.k. Ladies here is one for you! Why do dogs eating dirty poopy diapers? I have 2 dogs, they are well taken care of, they eat and are fed well. So why, why does my...


When Do They Learn How to Wipe Their Own Butt?

R.S. asks from New York

Literally, I posted this question and did not get a single response!! Not one ... :( So I waited, figuring that time would answer this question for me, but I am re...