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Information on Springfield Area Pre K?

J.A. asks from Washington DC

Hi, I need some ideas on a good pre-k program for my 3 yr. old son. I know alot are in churches and that's fine...any info or referrels would be great!


Pre-k Program in South Snohomish County Area?

H.O. asks from Seattle

So my daughter was all set to go to a full-day Pre-Kindergarten program this September, and I just got a call this afternoon informing me that the full-day program wo...


Does Anyone Know the Process of Getting Accepted to Public Pre-K??

T.C. asks from Ocala

Well i've been trying to get my daughter into pre-k since this school year started, they told me enrollment started march 1st.. But they did send me a little "test" f...


Pre-K Program in Lehi Area

J.P. asks from Provo

My daughter has been going to a preschool in our neighborhood for two years now. She is four now and will be 5 next fall. She will miss the birthday cut-off and won't...


Advice Needed Regarding Pre K That Requires Naps

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

My almost 5 year-old son just started his new pre-K. He hasn't been taking regular naps for the last year or so, and he does fine without them (he is generally good ...


PPCD / Austin Pre-k

A.S. asks from Austin

We have a four year old daughter who is about to enter pre-k. A psychologist in our local school determined that she would have ADHD. Because of that she was put into...


Looking for a Good Pre-k Thru 8Th Grade School

L.R. asks from Chicago

Hi. I live on the southwest side of Chicago (Beverly area) and I am looking for a good public school to send my son. I need an all day pre-k thru 8th grade school, si...


Early birthday-Pre-k or Kindergarten

K.K. asks from Dallas

Hi, You all were so amazing with my first ever question that I thought I would throw this one out, even though I know there are some very firm opinions about it. Our...


Pre - K for 4 Yo How Important Is It?

Y.K. asks from New York

i have sort of decided not to put my 4 yo old daughter to a pre- k program for a few reasons. one of them is that we will be traveling this year for 3 months out of s...


4 Yr Old Crying at Pre-k

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 4 and has been going a daycare/pre-k and everyday he screams and cries and begs me not to go to his pre-k. When we get to pre-k he cries and cries and then ...