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Do I Send Him to Kindergarten or Pre-K?

J.S. asks from Dallas

My son will be turning 5 in mid-August. He has been in a preschool program for a while and does well, but he is very "young" for his age. He is also a little small ...


Age to Start pre-K and K

M.M. asks from Atlanta

My son turns 4 Aug. 4th this year. We got a letter from his daycare, stating that he will be elligible to start Pre-K because he turns 4 before sept 1st. Is this ...


Montessori/Private School or Pre-K Class

A.C. asks from Chicago

My son misses the kindergarten deadline by two weeks so according to the state he has to be evaluated and those findings be sent to the school's principle for a final...


Car Seats and PRE-K Questions!!!!

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hello moms :) I have two questions... that have nothing to do with each other. My 1st question is about Pre-K...I am not sure how it works..I know your child is eligi...


Georgia Pre K Vs. Private Pre K

S.S. asks from Atlanta

I am trying to decide if I should take my daughter out of the daycare she is currently in which has the Georgia Pre k program and enroll her in Primrose of kennesaw o...


Should I Bother to Place My Daughter in Pre-K?

M.S. asks from New York

So I was wondering if I should even bother with pre-k? I never went and neither did my sister. My daughter is 2 1/2 and isn't potty trained. Her grandma wants to enro...


Recommendations on Pre-K

M. asks from Atlanta

I have just started researching Pre-K locations for my 4 year old, who will be starting in the fall. I call him my timid kid and it makes me a little nervous since h...


Pre-K School Wants to Call My Daughter Another Name!!

M.F. asks from Dallas

Here is my problem, my dd is staring pre-k on monday and the meet and greet was tongiht. Well my problem is that the school will only call her by her firs name. A n...



M.B. asks from Columbus

My son does not turn 4 until Sept 12 and just misses the cut-off for pre-k so he has to wait until he is almost 5 next yr to start school here in Ga. I would like to ...


Pre-K Vs 4'S Class What Did You Do and Why?

A.S. asks from Eugene

My dd is 4 and is time to sign up for preschool for next year. We need to decide between 3 days a week 4's class or 5 days Pre-K. What did you do for your child, wh...