Preschool & Head Start

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C.H. asks from Augusta

My 4 yr old will be attending pre-k this yr in our local elementary school and I want to prepare him for what he will be learning, does anyone know what exactly do th...


Preschool Vs. Pre-K

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

My son will be starting preschool in September and he is 3 1/2 yrs old. My question is, next year, my son will be 4 1/2, and I am wondering if I should keep him in p...



C.K. asks from Philadelphia

My DS will be 4 in October. Was thinking of enrolling him in a pre-k program in our area. Most schools want them to be 4 by sept 1st to follow along with the distri...


Pre-K School - Wondering If Anyone Can Recommend a Good One?!

S.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, (Earlier, forgot to mention that we are in San Gabriel area. Thank you so much for all the responses so far) We moved earlier this year and my DD (4y...


Pre-K Or Not?

S.W. asks from Dallas

I keep getting "advice" by, I'm sure, well-meaning friends of mine, but now they've planted worries into my head. I'd like to hear from anonymous mothers and folks l...


I'm Irritated at My Son's Pre-k Teacher.

K.D. asks from San Diego

Hi: My son attends pre-k and, per the rules, we keep a full change of clothes in his backpack. I keep them all in a large freezer ziploc in his backpack. On Friday...


Looking for a Pre-k near Bridge Ave

D.R. asks from Cleveland

Hi im a first time mom my daughter just turn 4 on feb. people had ask me if shes going to school. some had said pre-k others head start i dont know what to do.Cause i...


All Pre K Moms Please Help

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, I was just notified that CPS has a good chance of closing its Pre K programs for next year. I am looking for a preschool program that is academic and educ...


Is Pre-k Not Ready for Kindergarten

D.S. asks from Dallas

Hi mama's have a 4 y/o that will be 5 in april. She is in pre-k this year. To start with she was born 27 weeks early. I know maturity and academically wise she wi...


Mom's Day Out or Pre-K

T.T. asks from Dallas

My twin boys are 3 and they have never been away from me or my parents. My parents watch them during the day so they have never been in the traditional daycare. The...