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Opinions About Preschool vs Home?

S.S. asks from San Antonio

I am a SAHM of one boy, just turned 2. We are currently beginning to discuss and weigh the decision of whether I should continue to stay home with him full time and ...


4 Yr Old Son with Late Birthday Ready for Kindergarten??!!??

J.S. asks from St. Louis

My son will be 5 in mid August and just "graduated" from pre-school. He is really very intelligent and on target cognitively for kindergarten. However, he is young a...


Preschool or Not?

A.T. asks from Miami

Helo everyone: my girl is almost 4 and even though she is been in daycare for the last year we have stayed at home. I am considering to get her into a preschool prog...


***16 Year Old Stepson Got His Drivers License!!!!

K.J. asks from York

Help!! My 16 yo just got his license and hubby said that he could use our 2nd car!! He is a good kid, but still a kid and in the last year has made some poor choices...


Send to Preschool or Not?

B.B. asks from Springfield

My daughter will be old enough to go to preschool come fall. I think she is doing great and her speach is so good. I have weighed the pros and cons of just waiting ...


When to Start Kindergarten

S.A. asks from Washington DC

I have a boy whose birthday is in the middle of July. I am trying to decide whether we should start him in kindergarten the September after he turns 5 so he will be ...


Pre-Teen Years

K.M. asks from Portland

Good afternoon everyone. I have a 12 yr old daughter in the 7th grade. I was wondering what other mothers that have kids this age, think about their pre-teens new fou...


4 Year Old's Anxiety over Going to Preschool...

Y.C. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter, who's 4 1/2, has been going to the same preschool for 2 years. This past September, she moved up to the Pre-K class (new teacher, more crowded, differen...


Holiday Teacher Gift

C.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies, My son is in his first year of pre-k and with holidays approaching I need to deal with the gift for the teacher and her aid. I have no idea what to give ...


When to Start Daughter in Kindergarten

S.O. asks from Reno

I'm stuggling with the decision of when to start my daughter in kindergarten. We live in Nevada where the cutoff date is September 30th. My daughter's birthday is S...