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Preschool Curriculum

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for a preschool curriculum that I can work on at home with my daughter. I have found a few online but am not sure what is good. I would like to find a cu...


How to encourage a 5 year old to do homework?

S.M. asks from Honolulu

I have a 5yr old girl in kindergarten. She hates doing homework. When she was in pre-k she loved it, but lately even the mention of homework sends her into a tizzy. ...


Seeking New and Exciting Ideas for School Lunches

K.J. asks from Dallas

Well, it's that time again to start packing a lunch for my two kiddos. THey are 3 and 4 years old and go to pre School all day. I feel like they get bored with the sa...


Eating Breakfast on the Go!

A.I. asks from Topeka

My daughter just runed 4 years old. I have a hard time to get her to eat breakfast in the morings before we go to Preschool. She will say that her stomach hurts, (w...


MDO Has New Policies

L.P. asks from Dallas

I just want to know if this is normal? My 2 year old daughter started going to MDO in January and she loved it! She has been asking when she will go back. They sent o...


Preschooler at Home Not Motivated!

M.N. asks from Fresno

I'm very new here, so first - Hello! I am a mom who is homeschooling my 5th grader (just this year), have a 4 year old preschooler at home as well as a 2 month old. M...


Just Wanted to See What You Guys Think.........<venting>

K.N. asks from Wichita Falls

Hi, I was reading on baby center just a minute ago about celebs and how they go on talk shows and say how wonderful it is being a mom and how they make their own bab...


Math Facts for 2Nd Grader

K.G. asks from Fresno

OK. My 2nd grade daughter is supposed to pass +100 and -100's in 4 minuteswith 100% accuracy by the end of the school year. She has been working on the +100's for mo...


Woud You Take Your Child Back If This Happened?????/

D.W. asks from Dallas

I recently decided to enroll my daughter into Mothers Day Out for social interaction as well as personal time for myself! When I picked her up on Thursday she was ac...


Ideas for 3 Yr Old Party?

A.D. asks from Dallas

Okay, here's my issue: I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with what to do for my daughter's 3 yr birthday party. It's on August 1st, so it's likely going to be ver...