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Pre K

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I'm confused. My 4 year old son is a little on the imature side and his pre k teachers suggests that I wait until he is 6 to start K. His b-day is 4/21 so he'll be ...


Pre-k Problems

T.V. asks from Houston

My 4 almost 5 year old just started pre-k at a private school and he's having a lot of problems. His is not finishing his work in a timely fashion, not listening/foll...


Pre-K Or Not?

S.W. asks from Dallas

I keep getting "advice" by, I'm sure, well-meaning friends of mine, but now they've planted worries into my head. I'd like to hear from anonymous mothers and folks l...


I'm Irritated at My Son's Pre-k Teacher.

K.D. asks from San Diego

Hi: My son attends pre-k and, per the rules, we keep a full change of clothes in his backpack. I keep them all in a large freezer ziploc in his backpack. On Friday...


Do I Send Him to Kindergarten or Pre-K?

J.S. asks from Dallas

My son will be turning 5 in mid-August. He has been in a preschool program for a while and does well, but he is very "young" for his age. He is also a little small ...


Age to Start pre-K and K

M.M. asks from Atlanta

My son turns 4 Aug. 4th this year. We got a letter from his daycare, stating that he will be elligible to start Pre-K because he turns 4 before sept 1st. Is this ...



M.B. asks from Columbus

My son does not turn 4 until Sept 12 and just misses the cut-off for pre-k so he has to wait until he is almost 5 next yr to start school here in Ga. I would like to ...


Pre-K Program in Lehi Area

J.P. asks from Provo

My daughter has been going to a preschool in our neighborhood for two years now. She is four now and will be 5 next fall. She will miss the birthday cut-off and won't...


My Son Needs to Repeat Pre-K Help

D.W. asks from Athens

We adopted our son two years ago from a difficult situation and he is doing great, but deals with some social anxiety issues that make school a challenge.. It was a ...


How Do I Know If I Should Send My 5 Year Old Boy to Pre- K or Kindergarten?

T.S. asks from Detroit

My son will be 5 in August and is scheduled to go to kindergarten in September. He's in preschool now doing fine except his fine motor skills need work (writing, cut...