Preparing Siblings: Teddy Bears

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How Do I Prepare My 19 Month Old Daughter for a New Baby?

P.C. asks from New York

I have a beautiful 19 month old daughter, Autumn, and I am due to have another baby at the end of next month. I am more worried about how she is going to react about...


Big Sister Gift

C.H. asks from Denver

We are getting ready to welcome baby #2 and are trying to figure out something sweet that the baby can give to our DD (17mo) upon his/her arrival. We were thinking ei...


How to Explain Breastfeeding to 3 Year Old?

S.M. asks from Columbus

I am due with baby #2 in a month, and my son is turning 3 a couple weeks after that. He has a much better understanding of the baby than I expected. When people ask...


To Find Out or Not to Find Out (The Sex)

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I'm on a roll with questions the past few days :) We have one boy and one girl already. We found out the sex with both of them. With this pregnancy being such a hu...


Need Your Advice and Suggestions!

M.M. asks from Jamestown

How do I help my dd cope with a new baby sister the first few months? My dd will be 23 months around the time the baby is born (nov. 29th). She will play with her b...


Preparing Children For/coping with Impending Death of Grandma/mom from Cancer

T.D. asks from Salt Lake City

How have you dealt with caring for a parent struggling with terminal cancer (or any illness, for that matter) and helping your children prepare for their death? How ...


Is This Weird? How to Handle This? Any Adopting/adopted Moms Out There.

J.K. asks from Mansfield

My sister in law called me today and asked if I thought it would be weird to throw her a baby shower when she was not expecting. She has been trying fertility treatme...


Seeking Advice on Maintaining Sanity with 2 Yr Old as a Flower Girl.

J.M. asks from Baton Rouge

My daughter will be almost 2 yrs old in June when she will be a flower girl in her Godfather's wedding. The ring bearer will be even younger. Does anyone have advice ...


Need Evening Indoor Activities for 2-Yr. Old Not Always Interested in Toys

L.C. asks from Seattle

A little background: I teach 9th grade English full time at a fairly demanding Eastside junior high. I am fortunate to get about a half-hour to an hour of "down tim...


Help! 7 Mo. Old Not Sleeping!

A.M. asks from Denver

Aagh! I need help/suggestions for my 7 mo. old boy who still wakes several times during the night. I've done everything: I'm feeding him more during the day and ev...