Preparing for Kindergarten

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Full Day Kindergarten?

T.L. asks from Stockton

Hi, My 5 year old will be starting kindergarten and I was just advised by her school that this year they will be having kindergarten from 830a-230p. This seems like ...


Home Tutor for Kindergarten Readiness

M.D. asks from San Francisco

I was wondering if anyone has an experience with home tutor teaching preK students the readiness for kindergarten??? I see many places like ClubZ has such programs & ...


What Should Child Know Before Starting Kindergarten?

T.M. asks from Dallas

Let me just start by saying that I was not a good student. I had terrible study / homework habits until college and want to make sure that my child does not. What s...


Need Help with Daughter in Kindergarten

T.A. asks from Dallas

My 6years is having a hard time picking up things in kindergarten according to her teacher and am getting worried. My oldest daughter didn't have this issue so I don'...


Getting Ready for Kindergarten

M.G. asks from Philadelphia

My son will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I think my husband and I are both freaking out a little bit. My son is very bright but he shows no interest in l...


Anyone Out There EXCITED About Kindergarten?

A.H. asks from San Francisco

In the last month or so have seen so many posts about Moms being blue about their child is going to Kindergarten. I admit it. I'm EXCITED! (Is there something wr...


Kindergarten, to Go or Not to Go.

S.H. asks from Dallas

Hello, kindergarten registration is upon us and debating what to do. The dilemma, son is 5 (turned 5 in Dec) so he is within the age req; has participated in 2 yrs of...


"Waiting to Enter Kindergarten"

C.L. asks from Chicago

My husband and I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter. She has a mid-summer birthday. We've made the decision to have her enter Kindergarten next year (2009). She is in ...


Help in Preparing My Daughter for Kindergarten

W.S. asks from Chicago

Moms, I want to do what I can to prepare my 4 yr old for Kindergarten this Fall. Her pre-school teachers have expressed concern because she is not totally up to...


Daughter Starting Kindergarten

J.C. asks from Tuscaloosa

My 5 year old starts kindergarten in the fall at a private school. There are several things I am concerned about. They have to wear uniforms, but she is very fashion ...