Preparing for First Day

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Starting Kindergarten Questions

D.W. asks from Phoenix

Hello! Next Monday will be the first day of Kindergarten for my oldest daughter and it seems that both of us are getting a little jittery. She is ready and I am s...


Picking up Kid Early from Kindergarten

V.B. asks from Columbus

Hi all, our almost 6 year old daughter (October birthday) is about to start kindergarten. State of Ohio requires 12.5 hrs of kindergarten instruction... Yet in ou...


Really Great Kindergarten Questions

A.M. asks from Kansas City

I must have just never noticed (because mine wasn't going to kindergarten!) all the great kindergarten questions that pop up around this time of year, until this year...


Kindergarten in the Fall or Wait

S. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying to determine whether or not to send our son to kindergarten in the fall or not. He has a summer birthday, so we can really go either way (He'll be 5 t...


Overly Emotional About Starting Kindergarten?

L.S. asks from Omaha

Hi Moms. Any advice or reassurance for moms who've had children start kindergarten? I'm not nervous about her abilities or leaving her at school or anything, But desp...


Kindergarten Homework - What Is the Value?

T.T. asks from San Diego

I'd love to hear different opinions on this. My son is in kindergarten. He gets two packets of homework every Monday - one for math and one for reading. He is supp...


How Do I Help My Preschooler to Prepare Socially for Kindergarten?

J.D. asks from Portland

My 5 yo daughter is so excited to start kindergarten, and the whole family is proudly preparing, but we are nervous about how well she'll handle making a whole new se...


Kindergarten for an October Baby. Age 4 or 5?

S.J. asks from Los Angeles

My daughters birthday is on Oct 20th. I am so torn on when to start her in kindergarten! She is currently in a playschool class 9-12 twice a week. The school she woul...


Kindergarten Jitters

D.A. asks from Washington DC

Hi, Ladies: Today is the last day of preschool for my son. He will start K the day after Labor Day. The staff at the school, his teachers namely, relayed to me t...


Should I Send My Son with a Late Birthday to Kindergarten?

A.Z. asks from Modesto

Hi! My big debate..... My son will be 5 in early September and I am debating whether or not I should send him to Kindergarten, since he has a late birthday. He has b...