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Non-medicated Childbirth?

C.S. asks from San Francisco

I am getting ready to have my third child (end of Oct), and would like to do some research on having a non- medicated delivery. Can anyone recommend some books, video...


Husband Going Out Late and You're Staying Home.

K.N. asks from Dallas

I am expecting my first child and I am trying to adjust to a family life style. Normally, I don't mind my husband going out but since the pregnancy, it bothers me. Ho...


Birthing Plan

R.G. asks from Tulsa

I keep hearing to make a birthing plan, but this is my first pregnancy, so I do not know what to expect or even how to begin making a birthing plan. If any of you hav...


Should I Change My Kids Names?

A.D. asks from Dallas

I am a single mother of twin boys. Their father was not in their lives for the first half year and even refused to except the fact that they were his. Now he has real...



E.V. asks from San Francisco

Just curious if anyone else had preeclampsia (also know as hypertension or toxemia) while they were pregnant. I developed it at 34 wks with no indication i had it unt...


To Lamaze or Not to Lamaze, That Is My Question. :)

K.J. asks from Kansas City

I had planned on going to a birthing class, i.e. lamaze class, althoug a few of my friends with kids say to save our time and money. I am not a big proponent of Lama...


Getting Ready for Mommyhood

M.S. asks from Missoula

I have read all the pregnancy books, magazines, articles and now i am just asking other mommies. How did life change after you had your first child? Money? Househol...


Should I Call My Son Dad When I Go into Labor??

L.S. asks from Philadelphia

i am 38 weeks due date is an the father of my son arent together animore obvioulsy and during the last 2mntz of my pregnancy he has been den...


Pregnancy/baby Reading Material

L.P. asks from Dallas

My best girlfriend is about 2 months along and I was hoping to get some suggestions on the books you ladies found most helpful and informative during pregnancy and th...


How to Deal with a Spouse Leaving for 5 Months

K.S. asks from Johnson City

My husband leaves monday to go to boot camp for the army. We have been waiting for this day for almost a year. How do you prepare yourself let alone a 2 year old for ...