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Help, Seeking How to Deal with Father Wanting to Take Away Pacifier....

T.V. asks from Lakeland

Hi, My name is T. and my husband and I had agreed to take away our son's pacifier when he turns three. He is two now and my husband has decided on his own to go ahead...


Looking for Support

K.G. asks from Portland

We recently received very sad news at our 18 week ultrasound. I'm looking for anyone who has gone through a forced induction procedure this far along in pregnancy. ...


Looking to Meet Other Mom's in Bartlett; Also Need Home Day-care Option Recs.

C.L. asks from Chicago

1) Looking for just general parenting tips/advice on pregnancy and how to prepare for what's in store. Would like to be able to meet others and interact for support....


Child Support Questions

L.P. asks from Dallas

First off, I have my first meeting to go to next week at the child support office. My main question is when going after the father for the medical expenses that i pa...


Childbirth Information Geared Toward Men?

S.F. asks from Washington DC

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for childbirth information-websites, books, etc. I am due 8/16 with my second so I know the process and feel prepared my...



S.K. asks from New York

Hi, My name is S. and I moved from the Netherlands to America. I'm pregnant and I'm going to deliver my child here in the US. In my country things go very differentl...


Single Mom with No Child Support Going on Bedrest

J.H. asks from Atlanta

I'm Single working Mom outside the house with 19 mo old, 7 yr old, and pg with high blood pressure, due in Mar '07. My problem is that doc says that I should start pr...



O.K. asks from Redding

Hello I have to move to be closer to a Birthing Center... Up until now, I have had help changing the kitty litter. But Because of the transfer.. I may be ...


Seeking Moms with Any Experience with Spina Bifida

L.R. asks from Detroit

Want to know the accuracy of Spina Bifida testing during pregnancy.


Moving in Together

K.W. asks from Detroit

After having my daughter who is five months now, her father and I have been on good terms.We talk every day (Usually not about the baby, expressing feeling and showin...